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Evelin Seppar / photo: Nick Rutter

Estonian Choral Music

With The Carice Singers, I have curated and conducted concert programmes featuring Estonian choral music of the last thirty years. This both honours Arvo Pärt as one of the most recognised names in contemporary classical music, and brings to light some of the many other voices who are helping to shape this "singing nation". 

VIGILIA ESTONIAE (An Estonian Vespers) was given a place in Music at Oxford's Festival Arvo Pärt... and a Littlemore in November 2022. The concert featured the world premieres of Ester Mägi's Siin mu rõõmumaa, Evelin Seppar's Psalm 129, and Galina Grigorjeva's Vespers. The concert was then repeated at London's St Martin-in-the-Fields on 23rd February 2023 (the eve of Estonian Independence Day).

The project was supported by the UK Estonian Embassy, the Arvo Pärt Centre and TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities). The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (KULKA) enabled Galina Grigorjeva and Evelin Seppar to visit the UK to work with the singers,  give a presentation to audience members and receive applause after their premieres.

More information:
Arvo Pärt Centre

Ester Mägi

Evelin Seppar

Galina Grigorjeva

Galina Grigorjeva / photo: Simon Vail

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