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Jean Sibelius / Yousuf Karsh (1948)

Listening with Elgar and Sibelius

Resulting from research undertaken during 2020 and 2021, I presented talks on Elgar, Sibelius, and acoustic environments to the Three Choirs Festival in 2022 and the Anglo-Finnish Society in 2023. 

Jean Sibelius' and Edward Elgar's close relationship to the natural world is a significant reason as to why their music continues to achieve mainstream focus. Inspired by my own experience of listening to and performing their music, I based my talks on a certain approach to creativity which belongs to these composers' engagement with nature.


I invited the audience to listen with Elgar and Sibelius, and in doing so consider elements of landscape, human imagination and phenomenology together with properties of sound as illuminated by sound theorists Brandon LaBelle and David Toop. 


"Forest Silence and Sibelius' 'Sydämeni laulu'", a documentary video made in 2020.

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